PODZ Gear thermal base layer will TRULY keep you warm the FULL time you're outside!!


This is truly the next generation of base layer technology. Period. Everything else is just another layer. Let Podz Gear™ RE-HEAT your body today!!
$ 54.99




A base layer that uses your circulatory system to distribute heat throughout your body!



PODZ Gear™ thermal base layer will TRULY keep you warm the FULL time you're outside. Period.

  • Comfortable compression fit
  • Use as a normal base layer or insert heat packs for instant heat relief
  • Pockets fit normal size hand warmers
  • Warmers roughly cost around $0.50 a pair “CHEAP HEAT”
  • Targets high blood flow areas
  • Circulatory system naturally transfers the heat throughout wearers body
  • Takes place of multiple layers of clothing
  • Keeps wearer warmer, while not restricting mobility
  • 4-way stretch fabrication
  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking finish for faster drying
  • Flatlock seam construction for maximum comfort
  • Polyester/Lycra
  • Proudly 100% made in the USA

PODZ Gear™ is:

  1. ONE OF A KIND. That’s right, with our Patent Pending technology, you can only find this in our products.
  2. A COLD WEATHER DESTROYER! Pockets are designed to hold heat packs and are arranged along major blood vessels. This allows the users circulatory system to utilize the blood as a heat transfer fluid. This allows the user to maintain their body temperature.
  3. AN AWESOME BASE LAYER. We wanted to design a base layer that can rival our competitors and outlast anything on the market today (check out PODZ™ break down for more specs). Thanks to our Patent Pending technology PODZ Gear™ will stand supreme.
  4. 100% MADE IN AMERICA. We believe in America. That’s why our fabric, heat transfers and manufacturing are all domestically produced and completed in the United States of America.




PODZ Gear™ can be used by anyone from hunters, sports fans, athletes, military, golfers, referees, umpires, horseback riders, fishermen, preppers, coaches, farmers, police officers, construction workers, fire-fighters, concert performers, mail carriers,and so much more.


This product really works for anyone that could possibly get cold……PERIOD!!!!! #outlast



Why spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all that new heavy, bulky, over priced thermal jackets, bibs and perkas. Get your own PODZ Gear™ thermal base layer and enhance the outer garments that you already own. PODZ Gear™ takes the place of multiple layers of clothing and keeps the user warmer while not restricting mobility.




We’ve designed our pockets to be able to hold normal size hand warmers. These hand warmers can be found almost anywhere from gas stations to convenience stores. The average pricing for a pair (2 hand warmers) is around $0.50 USD.

Less hassle just in case you forget your packs!


TIP: Since the hand warmers are air activated use an air tight glad bag to preserve warmers for future use. (Remove as much air as possible then seal)



Brief description from our attorney:


The PODZ Gear™ thermal base layer improves the wearer’s ability to tolerate prolonged exposure to heat and cold.  Pockets are designed to hold thermo-chemical packs and are arranged along major blood vessels.  This allows the wearer’s circulatory system to use the blood as a heat transfer fluid.  Using the blood to modify body temperature permits the wearer to maintain their appendage and core body temperature and enhance their tolerance of otherwise uncomfortable or dangerous temperatures.  Simply put, PODZ Gear™ allows the wearer to take control of their personal environment.



From this test we used a 33 degree area while our tester wore a leading competitor’s base layer garment for 30 minutes to show how the human body losses its heat to the environment (LEFT SIDE).

After the first 30 minutes were completed, he remained in the area and switched to the PODZ Gear™ thermal base layer. 

While wearing PODZ Gear™ (so a full 60 minutes) his body regained almost all of its heat, the dexterity in hands, stopped shivering, and wasn’t light headed anymore (RIGHT SIDE).


All PODZ Gear™ are mass produced and the PODZ Gear™ that you receive may differ slightly from the one that is shown in the pictures. PODZ GEAR™, LLC has no control over how you use your PODZ Gear™ base layer, the sensitivity of your skin, what you place inside the pockets, any modifications that you make to heating elements, or our products. Therefore PODZ Gear™, LLC disclaims any and all liability for any damages, either personal and/or to property, that may result from the use of our products.

Recommendations of Use 
These warnings and recommendation of use should be read prior to the use of your PODZ Gear™ thermal base layer. By purchasing the PODZ Gear™ thermal base layer you acknowledge and agree to the following conditions and advise:
When using a company’s heating or cooling element follow all guidelines on element package and on their website for proper use of their products. All heating elements are different and can get hotter than other elements or can have heat spikes where higher temperatures are reached.

We advise:
Not to exceed over thirty minutes of constant use with elements inserted in PODZ Gear™ thermal base layer. To provide a cooling down phase after each period by removing heating elements from base layer for at least five minutes. If you feel any discomfort or overheating around pocket areas remove elements instantly and allow the areas to cool down. If going outside of these recommendations there is a chance of blistering, severe redness and/or burning of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, keep elements inserted in base layer for shorter periods of time as previously advised.